About Us


    Hi I'm Drew, the owner of Hanna Drew Boutique! I'm from South Carolina where the boutique is based out of. We were established in 2022, when I finally wanted to make my dreams of owning a boutique a reality! I have always had a passion for clothes, shopping, and all things fashion. My main goal is to provide cute and trendy clothing but at affordable prices! My dad has always had an interest in business and he thought that him and I could start one together! My parents do a lot of behind the scenes for the boutique like taking pictures of me in the inventory! They are the most supportive parents, and for that i'm so thankful! 

    Right before I took the leap to start the boutique I was so worried and had doubts if I was too young, not ready, or not experienced enough yet. However, shortly after I just felt so much peace from God that this was the path he had for my life! I'm so lucky to be able to do what I'm passionate about!